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  Advanced Ad-blocking functionality

Internet users are constantly on the lookout for efficient and cost-effective tools that can protect them from onslaught of internet ads. The 550 Access deskbar which already had the most efficient popup blocker, has now magnified the functionality of its ad-blocking capabilities with the Precision Search. Now it is possible to block not only pop ups but also banner ads served by ad networks within content of web pages as well as sponsored links or ads displayed within the search results page of search engines.

  Increased Relevancy and clarity of search results

Precision Search gives you much more relevant and cleaner search results listing. It blocks out sponsored or paid ads from search engine results and reduces the clutter. You get a cleaner, more focused and much more relevant listing of your search results.

  Improved surfing speeds

The banner ads served within the webpage content are often large image files that take longer time to download off the internet. Therefore blocking of these ads, reduces the size of a webpage to be downloaded on user's computer and hence improves surfing speeds.


Pop-up Protector

  Without Precision Search   With Precision Search
Without Search Scourer
With Search Scourer
Precision Search
Blocks search ads
Blocks banner ads
Relevant search results
Improves surfing speeds
Reduces clutter
Customizable settings
Download Deskbar
Key Features
Precision Search Settings Interface


It's Safe
It's Powerful
It's Easy
It's Free
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