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Click on image to download our dialer. This will allow you to dial in to our service and connect using your current browser.

Instructions to Download & Install Dialer

Dialer - This is our dialer program that will allow you to access the internet. With this progam you will use Internet Explorer or another browser to surf the internet. The dialer is a two minute download totaling 350Kb.

550 Access.com Dialer


1) Add Location -When you click on Add Location it pops up with the following window.

550 Access.com Dialer


2) After you enter a name for the location it will take you to the next window of selecting the phone numbers. Select the number that applies to you and click on next button.

Select Phone Numbers


3) After you click on the next button it will take you to the next window, which will have your selected phone number along with dialing options.

Select Dialing Properties


4) After confirming all the information, if it is correct, simply click on Next to finish adding location. When clicked on Next it will bring the following screen.

Confirm Phone Number

5) When you click on finish it will bring you to the main Sign On screen and in the Locations window drop down list, you should be able to see the new location that you have just added


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