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  How do I sign up for the service?
Simply click here and fill out the registration form and you'll be ready to go.  
  What are the connection speeds?  
We offer connections speeds of 56k at v.90 and v.92 standards.  
  Do I have to use your dialer to connect.  
No, you may use dial up networking to connect.  
  How many email address do I get?
We offer 1 email account with regular dialup connection and 2 email account with hispeed connection.  
  Do I get free web hosting?  
We do not offer web hosting either. Again this is strictly a portal for users to get online. We however have partnered up with another company to offer web hosting at affordable prices. Click here to find out more.  
  Will I be able to use my current mail servers to send mail via your service?
Yes, you can send mail through your mail servers using our 550 Access dialup service. Please keep in mind that we do not provide 550 Access email servers for sending out pop mail, so please be sure to ask your current email provider for additional info, on sending email while still using the 550 Access dialup service.
  If I go over 150 hours, do we lose access or are we charged?
If you go over your monthly allowed usage, you account is temporarily suspended until the end of that month, we do not bill you on an hourly basis at all.  
  Do you support Linux and Macs?
Yes, we support Linux and Macs, as well as all game systems such as Dreamcast, Xbox, PSX2, etc. We also support all versions of Windows including Windows 95.  
  What is the number I can call for support?
There is no phone support with 550Access. You can contact support online by opening a ticket or chatting with us online. If you do require a phone call, we will call you.  
  Can I pay by check or money Order?
Currently we only accept credit cards online. We do offer eBay auctions where you can pay by PayPal.
  Is there a contract required?
There is no contract required. You go monthly as you need the service. You can cancel at anytime.  



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