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Detailed Description on 550 Access Toolbar 3.0

This document contains in-depth description of 550 Access Toolbar version 3.0. For further enquiries, you may contact us at president(@)550access.com. Members of the Press may contact us using the "Press Inquiry" link above.

Key Features

 Release Notes
 General information about the toolbar
After comprehensives beta-testing, we have now released the final version of the new Toolbar 3.0. This latest version is even more powerful compared to the previous version 550 Access Toolbar 2.0 which had received excellent feedbacks and reviews because of its unique functionalities (such as popup blocker, Autofill, Identities and Shortcuts).

The comprehensiveness and efficient features of Toolbar 2.0 earned it top ratings on Download.com. The new version is expected to further enhance the user comfort by giving them a superior control on their online experience.
Software details:
Software Version:
Last Updated:
March 10, 2004
License type:
Windows 95/98/ Me/NT/ XP/2000
 What's new in version 3.0?
The primary addition to the new updated toolbar is a unique, simple-to-use feature that we call PRECISION SEARCH.
  • Why Precision Search?

    As the name suggests, Precision Search is intended to give much more precise results to users when they perform a search on any major search engine.

    The major chunk of revenues generated by a Search Engine is via the paid placement ads. The advertisers get more visibility in search engine results by either getting top placements (identified as Sponsored links) among the search results or by having their colorful banners displayed prominently on the page. Such prominent placements help the advertisers attract more traffic to their website.

    However the advertising links, banners etc. are a source of distraction and confusion for users since first of all they clutter up the screen and secondly these sponsored links are often not the most relevant links for a user’s query even when they are placed most prominently.

    Apart from ads displayed among search results, numerous advertising banners are also served by ad networks and displayed on various websites. These ad banners again add to clutter on web pages and since these ads often constitute large size image files, the presence of these ads on a webpage increases the overall size of that page and hence increases the time required to download the page on to a user's computer.

  • What does Precision Search do?

    Precision Search directly addresses this problem by simply blocking the paid or sponsored ads and banners from search results listings and other websites.

    By the blocking of search ads users get cleaner, easy to read and much more relevant results for their search query. Therefore the results most relevant to users’ search query are the ones that get better placement instead of the ones which have been paid for by advertisers.

    Moreover blocking of online banner ads reduces the size of webpages that contain these ads, and thus improves surfing speeds.

    Another component of “Precision Search” in the new version of 550 Access Toolbar is replacement, instead of elimination, of the top sponsored links in search results. This means that the top sponsored links in the main search results section would in fact be replaced by 550 Access links instead of being completely removed. User will have the option to turn off this feature.

    These links however will be distinctly identified as 550 Access ads and therefore easily discernible from relevant search results section on the page. Considering that “online search” is among the most-frequently performed tasks for internet users, this component of PRECISION SEARCH would give significant power to companies who might want to have their own ads displayed to boost their brand presence and online traffic. Companies would also be able to identify specific keywords for which their ads will appear i.e. instead of appearing every time user searches, the ads will appear only when users search using those specific keywords. This will make the ad-delivery much more targeted.

The final release of 550 Access Toolbar version 3.0. is available now and can be downloaded for free from our website. Companies can also send requests for private-labeled copies of this version. For any queries, contact us at president(@)550access.com.

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